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Brazilian Waxing using the Kim Lawless method

Ok, so I know that this is always a tricky subject when it comes to what is what in the world of waxing on a ladies nether regions, so hopefully this page will clarify that for you and take away any embarrassment when you take the plunge and call to make your booking.

The ‘Full Monty’ Brazilian (with or without a landing strip)
This style of waxing removes every single hair. This includes the buttocks, the “butt crack”, the inner and outer labia and the pubic mound. If you wish to leave a landing strip that is totally your call.
The G String
This leaves a strip of hair that starts on the pubic mound and down over the labia and tapers in narrow as it reaches the butt cheeks. It includes the “butt crack” and any noticeable hair on the buttocks. You should be able to wear a thong knicker with no hair showing outside.
The Basics
This is a “High Leg” taken slightly briefer. This style of waxing will allow you to wear a bikini knicker without any hair showing. If your a wax virgin this is a good place to start!